Extra large bolga basket- leather handle


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A beautiful extra large sturdy basket that is so multi use. Can be used for light shopping, for storing things such as toys and blankets or my personal favourite- throw everything in as your heading out the door for the day. Once you have used these a handbag doesn't cut it anymore!

Ethically woven from elephant grass in Bolgatanga, Northern Ghana. This region is known for its talented basket weavers.


Diameter- 36 cm- 42cm may vary slightly due to being handmade 


Imported by Bashiri, St. Kilda


Please note that if ordering by post, your basket will arrive flat and you will need to shape it using water and your hands. We will advise you how to go about shaping your basket and how to keep it in good condition upon delivery

If you would prefer your basket already shaped, visit in store x

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